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'SNOWLINGS' - Guaranteed Snow for Christmas
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xmas stiltwalking band
Music in the Malls


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Xmas Stilt walkers
Christmas Stiltwalkers

The Porcelain Twins are a sophisticated choice for adding something spectacular to your event. These graceful beauties stand 11 ft in the sky they truly are a vision in white giving a captivating stilt walkabout performance.

The twins are exquisite; their costumes created with materials that illuminate and sparkle day or night, each showered with thousands of crystals they stunningly glisten under sunshine, fitted with bright LED lights they will certainly not be missed in night environments.

If you want something to impress the Press and make the newspapers then the Porcelain Twins will very likely be the act that gets you there.

The feathers on the headdress are interchangeable, so if you would like a touch of a colour we can add a few feathers in your choice to match your needs.

Ideal for: Venetian, carnival, masquerade, corporate events, Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Fairytale, ice, weddings, luxurious and styled occasions.

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  ‘Meet and greet act some of you may have seen something similar on Dragons Den, this type of act is really popular in the  U.S. and here is our take on it.

A new addition to our repertoire of ideas that will get your guests talking!

The living tables make a unique centre piece at any corporate or private event, choose from our range of fabulous characters or let us know of any theme, specific idea or colour scheme you would like to see at your function!

The tables will entertain in the character of your choice, create an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests on arrival 

with their first cocktail or appetizer of the evening.

Other ideas to serve:  wine, hors d'oeuvres, dessert, favors, party bags, name tags, promotional materials or whatever else you like.

Table ideas: Carnival/ Carmen Miranda, Miss Santa, Ice fairies, Geishas, Chinese girls, Show girls, Venetian …

We have 2 tables for each character, available as a pair or individually.

Table size: 5 foot round Length of performance: 1hr Set up: 1 hr

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The Reindeer are two giant puppets each being operated by two puppeteers.They are made of soft fur and love to be stoked and ticked by the public.There fluttering eyes and moving heads will charm and create the illusion of being real reindeer.

The reindeer will bring sparkle and christmas cheer to any event. They are accompanied by helga the reindeer herder who will encourage people to stoke and feed them while telling reindeer tales.If you perfer the reindeer herder could be Santa.

The reindeer have performed at;
Romford Christmas celebration Romford shopping centre.
Victorian Shownight in Weymouth.
Swansea National Waterfront Museum.

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Christmas Elves
Xmas Elves Available to Hire


Christmas Walkabout
Xmas Puppets

The Reindeer are a festive spectacular. They are 8 ft tall and 8 ft long and are operated by two puppeteers each. They are made of soft fur, they love to be stroked and tickled behind their floppy ears. They have fluttering eyes and moving heads and can sit, nozzle into peoples necks, scratch there ears, rear up and lay down. They will charm you and create the illusion of being real Christmas reindeer.

The reindeer can be hired individually as well as together but a herder will always be required.

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Santa Stiltwalkers

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Christmas in Marylebone